Ahead of tonights Practica at the Falmouth Tango Centre I watched a clip I love from 2011 of Noelia Hurtado dancing with Pablo Rodriguez .   Many years ago I took a great lesson with them.  They are no longer dancing partners. Noelia now dancing with Carlitos Espinoza  a dancer who I would love to take lessons with.

The  excellent class with  was on a turn that uses an elegant  spiraling method  that despite its energy remains very “maluable’ as in soft not harsh. Sadly I didn’t quite get to embody it  and have since totally forgotten it. Perhaps this evening  at the practica we can  break it down and remember how to do it .

It’s always interesting to se how one dancer with another dancer will adapt and change. Some say you should simply dance the way you dance. I like the idea of change and adaptability whilst keeping your core/ soul.  So here is a clip with  Noelia dancing with Carlitos. Not to the same song but to  Canaro and although a different singer has something of the same feel. So interesting to compare the different dance.