The Barefoot Practica is not a dress code but a relaxed approach to practising this beautiful social dance from Argentina. Barefoot because the most beautiful dances are ones where we can be ourselves rather than an idea of what tango is. In this sense we don’t introduce the  choreographed Ballroom Tango but the Tango that evolved from a rich melting pot of cultures.

The Practica and Workshops are hosted by experienced dancers who share the common aims of contributing to the  Cornish Argentinean Tango scene, the joy of dancing and a deeper understanding of Tango.

  • Ruth Pethybridge and Becalelis Brodskis met in Argentina Ten years ago, following a shared passion for Tango. They have been dancing together ever since. Moving through being a couple, separation and now a dancing co-parenting friendship.
  • Their relaxed yet traditional methods provide a genuine taste of tango . As well as dedicated tango events their approach has been welcomed at summer festivals including Shambala, Port Elliot, and in the early days of tropical pressure.
    • Ruth Pethybridge is a contemporary dancer with over ten years of experience as a teacher and facilitator of dance for all ages. She worked and danced in Buenos aries where she made a short film about Tango and paliative Care
    • Becaleis Brodskis  is an artist film-maker  . His obsession with tango began in Buenos Aries in 2007 where he was making a film . A place he returned many times  to film and learn from leading dancers and meet Ruth.

At the Barefoot Practica we dip toes into the fundamental roots of the dance whilst welcoming individual contemporary interpretations. The teaching centres on the connection of the “abrazo” or embrace- An embrace which is sensitive to the music, your dance partner and enables you to develop your own walk through this rich and multilayered dance.