If you haven’t already you will find dancers that inspire you and can teach you to dance the way you want to dance . Here are some  that inspired us to love and learn the dance. Most of whom we have had the fortune to learn from and whilst  we dance a much simpler dance ,  we  hope to share  with students starting tango at least some of the essence of what they shared with us before they move on to find  more advanced  teachers of their own.

2008 Gaston Torelli and Mariela Sametband dancing at Salon Canning to”Despues del Carnaval”  Osvaldo Fresedo sung by Ricardo Ruíz . Although they no longer dance together these two dancers had a huge influence. A free independent  approach without losing a timeless quality of tango.

Adrian and Amanda Costa Improvisation to Oblivion by Piazzolla, played live by Luis Tango Quintet at Poitiers France July 2007. This couple  where my first teachers and much loved friends. This is a while ago . I filmed it shortly before  they became much more traditional dancers under the teaching of Jorge & Maria Dispari in the traditional Villa Urquiza style. See video below

I have only taken one very busy clas with Noelia Hurtado before she became an international star. As for Carlitos Espinoza I long to learn from him…..maybe one day we can get him down into Cornwall. And Noelia of course who is Ruth’s  favorite…. after Marriela Samentband

I have only taken a few classes with Horacio Godoy and Cecilia Garcia in the manic environment of La viruta. But I love these two’s playfull creativity and deep understanding

Jorge and Marita Dispari are Masters off the Villa Urquiza style who Adrain and Amanda Costa went on to develop their Classic style of dancing Tango with. I learnt alot form the very disciplined classes they run. They probably wouldn’t agree though due to not being a “disciple of Villa Urquiza but I really like the  undestanding of stillness and listening to the music that it taught me