Argentinian tango @ barefoot practica

A philosophy not a dress code

Dancing to the soul of Demare

Leading up to tomorrows Practica at the Falmouth Tango Centre, here is  a beautiful interpretation to Lucio Demare by, as those of you who know me, my favourite dancing partnership.  If you can spot anything you would like to practice I would be a willing partner at the practica. Not that I’m saying I know how and what but just willing to try!

A lesson in walking to Di Sarli

A contribution to the FalmouthTangoCentre Practica on the 8th of September ,  focusing on Carlos Di Sarli.   I love this clip below demonstrating the beauty and pleasure that can come from the walk and embrace in harmony with the music of Di Sarli.

Then interesting to see them dance to the same song in “performance mode” yet still improvised

I was fortunate enough to experience a lesson by  Pablo Rodriguez & Noelia before their partnership ended, sad that it did end but then again The dance with Carlitos is brings something else. Here below is a clip to another Di sarli with Noela now dancing with Carlitos

Perspectives on Tango’s story

BBC World service take a dip into Tango’s rich past . Every dancer has there own and there are some interesting angles in this intro to Tango’s history. See link

Wkend of tango 26th May, workshops & Milonga

A full Friday to Saturday of Tango. Then Sunday enjoy an embrace with the sea

Friday 26th May:
Guided Practica 19:00 to 22:00

Saturday 27th May:
Milonga intro workshop 15:00 16:30
Milonga Intermediate workshop 16:30 18:00

Sat 27th May eve:
Spring Milonga (Evening of dancing ) 20:00 to 23:00

Bookings for workshops essential email:

£10 Guided Practica
£10 per workshop
£8 Milonga
Reductions for bundles/passes
£30 all in ( practica, 2 workshops, Milonga)
£25 Practica, 1 workshop, Milonga

Recent post

Inspiration to tango on out of Jan

Ahead of tonights Practica at the Falmouth Tango Centre I watched a clip I love from 2011 of Noelia Hurtado dancing with Pablo Rodriguez .   Many years ago I took a great lesson with them.  They are no longer dancing partners. Noelia now dancing with Carlitos Espinoza  a dancer who I would love to take lessons with.

The  excellent class with  was on a turn that uses an elegant  spiraling method  that despite its energy remains very “maluable’ as in soft not harsh. Sadly I didn’t quite get to embody it  and have since totally forgotten it. Perhaps this evening  at the practica we can  break it down and remember how to do it .

It’s always interesting to se how one dancer with another dancer will adapt and change. Some say you should simply dance the way you dance. I like the idea of change and adaptability whilst keeping your core/ soul.  So here is a clip with  Noelia dancing with Carlitos. Not to the same song but to  Canaro and although a different singer has something of the same feel. So interesting to compare the different dance.




4th of November no practica

Just a reminder in case you have not been for a while.

There is no class or Practica on the 4th

This is due to hall be rented out to a previous commitment.

Friday 11th of November. will be the next Class and Practica

warm nights ahead of Friday Practica

Heres a memory  from Buenos Aires where I filmed some “street sleepers outside a very special Milonga revelling to the music.  Listening is good , you don’t have to dance every dance!

Forgive some of the editing of the close up feet being out of synch with the music but I hope you enjoy the vibe of those hot warm nights and are inspired to dance into the night with us this friday.   Fundamentals class at 19:00 followed by Practica at 20:00. Usual venue

No Practica 30th sep but every friday in October yes!

A reminder that there is no Practica this Friday the 30th of September .

So next class and Practica will be Friday 7th of October and every Friday in October

Responding to  popular demand the Tango Centre Falmouth are hosting a Practica

Every Friday in October

19:00 Fundamentals class

20:00 Practica


The usual place King Charles hall, new street falmouth

How much?

£30 for monthly subscription which includes Class and Practica
£5 for practica only
£8 for class only
£10 for class and Practica
Looking forward to dancing with you in October until then the Cornish sea has some warmth from the summer still dancing in it.

Request to see unfinished film

At the last weeks Practica at The Tango Centre Falmouth  I mentioned my unfinished film about the Tango and the  Embrace. A few of you asked to have a look. Remembering I had You tubed a trailer a long while back  here is a link. It’s changed quite a bit since then. Not least the “working title” from Tango at the Crossroads  to My Perfect Embrace.. I think I have left the crossroads! Not in tango but in life. In the trailer there is quite a bit of talking in the  last edit there is a lot more of the lessons and dancing




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